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A revolutionary approach to consulting

It is interesting how you can still find out everything there is to know about the large consulting firms in a book from almost 30 years ago. Here's an approach that is more suited to the modern world and the real needs of companies.

Consulting is not just a luxurious expense but rather a necessity for companies who are out of their depths to grow and transition into the next level. Therefore, you can find our pillars of a new way of consulting that we offer to a selected few of our clients. If you are interested, please let us know, but I want to clarify upfront, there are very few limited slots available for this pioneer opportunity.

We turn singular project-based consulting into a format of continuous acquisition of business-specific expertise and operational support.

We enable companies to use expert days at will and therefore conduct those changes that are necessary in the moment - not planned months ago. This allows to move away from a singular purpose of consulting projects to a more holistic and transparent way of implementing change.

You don't have to limit your scope of consulting to the mindset you've had negotiating with an agency.

To "buy" consulting projects is not easy. You have to consider a lot of variables, from office politics to morale of the team, and potential negative effects. The consultant who does not know your organization can help you find answers, but the success depends on a few moments of decision among stakeholders. With our solution, if you want to move beyond the scope easily, you can.

You don't pay an exorbitant sum of X for an outcome anymore because the relevance and priority may change significantly over time.

Instead, you pay a small monthly fee that allows you to use your expert days in coordination with us as you need them. Low planning effort, high flexibility, and low cost.

What are your biggest challenges when buying consulting projects? We are eager to learn about your ideas and comments. And please let us know, if you are interested in participating in the new way of consulting.

About the author:

Marc Breetzke, M.A., M.A. is the founder of MB Inspirations and Europe's leading strategy expert. He works as a consultant, trainer, coach, speaker, and lecturer all over the world for large, international businesses (e.g. Fortune 500) and leaders. He studied Strategic Communications in Germany and in the United States. Today, he operates from his head-office in Stuttgart, Germany.

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