The key to improving performance

What do you want to achieve in a year from now? Could you do it in 3 months? The key to creating better results lies in the power of focus and practice. These two words lay the foundation of high performance: "pattern" and "momentum." The top reason why people are not as successful as they want to be is because they have patterns that prevent the realization of their desires and goals.

Your emotions are not about what's going on around you. They're only about what's on your mind.

From where you are to where you want to be...

Recognizing patterns that prevent success is the first step to eliminating them. However, you cannot simply "delete" or "inactivate" them. Instead, you need to replace destructive patterns with empowering/enabling ones. Then, you will discover that your patterns will build up a momentum of success that creates effectiveness, inspiration to act, and ultimately, the results you seek.

The easiest way to get to the top in your field is by creating your field.

Master your power of focus

Most people believe that only action makes things happen. However, your actions depend on your logic, your reasoning, and your perception of your reality. You cannot see the best opportunities or options if your state of mind is of poor quality. The better you become at mastering your focus and managing your mindset, the more satisfied you will be and the more you will achieve.

Set your intentions before anything else. Ask yourself what outcome you wannt. Your actions will be so much more effective and rewarding once you've decided what you're moving towards.

Not everything out there also works

Choosing the right coach or the right program can be tricky. Here are three questions you should ask, so you can make the right choice.


1. Do you know what you get?

Check if there is a free coaching involved or whether you get a money-back guarantee.


2. Does this coach or the program sound like it has an approach to create an "Unlimited Mindset?"

"Money is hard to get." "You must take from others to get what you want." Beliefs like that are poison to your success. If the coach or program stirs in that direction, run.


3. Do you feel a connection with the person?

Nothing is more important than your own gut feeling and intuiton. If you have the sensation this is not right, don't go for it. Whenever you come across something that is right for you, you have a feeling of resonance.