Because connecting simply isn't enough.

"Do you reach your targets?"

Whether you think about leadership skills or communication skills, the question remains whether you achieve your goals and you accomplish your plans or not. We are here to assist and support you to develop your skills and your team's capabilities!

"Reach more clients, create better experiences, improve the quality internal communication, and have fun along the way - that's our goal for you!"

Strategic Communication

Do you know how you affect others? Whether you are aware of it or not, your mere appearance and your behavior leave an impression. It can either help you or sabotage your relationship with others.

Learn about how you and your team can improve your communication skills. Become strategic so you can communicate clearly and effectively beyond social media.

Inspiring Leadership

Do you tap into your own potential and draw from the resources of your team? Leadership development is not only about managing, delegating, and motivating people.

Learn how you can lead yourself, how you inspire high performance, and how you create a passionate, productive environment. That's what our mindset coaching and training is all about.

Personal Advancement

Do you feel like there is something more waiting for you, but it seems you just can't grasp it? This means you have unrealized potential within you that seeks expression. It's all about how you use your mind.

You want to live life fully, and our mindset coaching can help you with that! Learn how to master your mind, create clarity, and become decisive. This is where you take control over your life.

Rely on competent expertise!

You receive bite-sized chunks of valuable information that is stimulating, enriching, and at the same time applicable to your situation, goals, and intentions.

Your trainer, coach, consultant, and partner

Marc Breetzke, M.A., M.A.,

founder of MB Inspirations has several years of experience with training entrepreneurs, managers and executives from various industries.

He grew up in Germany, lived in Rome where he learned Italian, and then studied Strategic Communication and Linguistics at a top university in Germany.

Then, Marc moved to the USA for a year to teach, study, and write at Washington University in St. Louis where he received a second Master's degree.

Among others, he attended courses in Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Cognitive Science.

Now, based in Germany, he teaches, trains, and coaches managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and students worldwide in communication skills, leadership development and personal development. ("Depending on my client's needs, pretty much everything from Aristotle to Zig Ziglar.") All trainings, seminars, coaching programs, and workshops are available in German and English.


His clients say his intelligence, broad and specific knowledge, compassion, humor, laser-sharp clarity, and practical experience make him a top ally for you and your team.

What's the next step?

Simple, straight-forward, and immediate results



Not every coach or trainer is right for every client, nor vice-versa. In a first conversation, we simply talk - no strings attached - to see whether or not we can be of mutual value and benefit.



If it's a fit, we talk about your goals and expectations. What would you like to achieve? What problems or challenges would you like to overcome? What is your ideal outcome of the engagement? This step results in a proposal tailored to you!



As we have planned in the previous step, we deliver an excellent experience. Depending on the most effective format we choose, we facilitate (inhouse) seminars, coaching sessions (face-to-face, or remote), webinars, courses, and workshops.



While other training companies stop there, we want to make sure you actually have received and reaped the benefits of our programs. In a fine-tuning session, the participants have the ability to give feedback and to ask questions for moving forward.