Clarity, Passion, and Purpose

Beyond Leadership

"What's the foundation of this program? It's you!"

Whether you have a small team, a company, or multiple business, as a leader, there are many challenges you have to face.

This program is right for you, if
- you want to be create visible and tangible results - not just on paper;
- your co-workers call you a workaholic and hand you burn-out awareness flyers;
- the term 'mindfulness' sounds ineffective and boring to you
- you feel like you would like to add extra hours into the day;
- you feel like the goals you pursue take too long to come to fruition;

- you miss a sense of purpose or passion for your job that you believe you once had;
- you believe there is something more, but you can't quite grasp it.

The goal of this coaching program is to make your success tangible and experiential. Receive clarity about your goals and a sense of direction that will not just motivate and engage your team, but it will let you thrive and thereby impact others.

As you participate, you will notice following effects.
- resilience
- intuition
- decisiveness

- self-esteem and confidence
- passion and inspired-ness
- optimism and positive expectation
- clarity and certainty
- boldness
- will power

- intelligence and creativity


- 1 participant: You!
- 1 preliminary consultation (free of charge, no strings attached)
- Commitment to 12-52 weeks.

After the preliminary conversation, an 1-on-1 coaching session takes place. We ask you to block at least 5 hours for this intense session. On a weekly basis Skype calls and phone sessions follow (according to your agreement with Marc), Depending on the length of the program, if desired and effective, you can book additional in-person sessions.

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