Exhibition Training

Measuring means a lot of effort. Success is determined by the presentation. For international customers it depends on the first minute.

Trade fairs are expensive, they require materials, personnel, time and energy. But what if the target customer comes to your stand from Hong Kong, Dubai or Silicon Valley and doesn't speak German? The first 5 minutes are decisive for the return on investment.

This training course for sales staff, key account managers and service staff improves the strategy for finding a successful conclusion from the first contact at the trade fair to recommendation management. Depending on the sales model, the seminars vary so that they are tailored to the company.

Learn to
- the art of small talk to activate potential customers and get more out of trade shows,
- with questions and to qualify "prospects",
- Understand your customers better and convince them more effectively,
- Optimize your sales presentation for your counterpart,
- to deal with objections,
- Optimize your time management,
- attract customers instead of chasing them, and
- Gain (action) clarity and an overview of the sales process. 

Imagine you know all the phases, processes, goals and strategies, tools and tools that are available to you at every point in the sales process.  That's the goal of this sales training. And the language barrier is no longer an obstacle.

Type of training: In-house seminars
Max. 15 participants
Duration: 2 days (by arrangement)
Language: English (or German)
Methodology: Highly practice-oriented with proven content, Exercises, tips, techniques and strategies