Trade Show Training

Trade shows are far too cheap - stand personnel who are themselves the best guests, employees talk to each other more than to potential customers and the best thing is the trade show party. No, trade fairs are a sensible but by no means inexpensive undertaking. Use this stage to show how your company will shine tomorrow! We will support you in making sure that this succeeds in any case and that the trade fair becomes your experience of success.

Client Orientation

Precise definition of target groups and message lay the foundation for your trade show success. Our target-tactic-timeline-method ensures an attractive trade show strategy for your marketing success.

Employee Orientation

Custom-made trade show trainings make the difference! We bring fun, motivation, self-confidence and a confident appearance to the team so that you shine at the trade show!

Trade Show Strategy

Choosing the right objective for your appearance is what this is all about! Which Cooperate Identity should be embodied at the trade show? How should your company shine tomorrow, show it today!

Success Control

Key Metrics - How many discussions, how many appointments, how many offers and how much turnover does the trade show generate? Tools for effective and practical knowledge management are available here.