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Improve Your Communication Skills

Speaking like a pro

Presentation Skills

This seminar is one of our classics! It entails learning about what kind of impression you make, learning how to plan and present effectively and successfully presentations so you convey your message and convince your audience.


You will learn
- how to persuade and convince your audience,
- how to give speeches and present professionally, competently, and expertly,

- to read your audience and understand their psychology,
- to reduce nervousness and stage-fright,
- simply how to be a better and a strategic communicator.

From finding ideas to giving and receiving feedback, this course teaches you everything about public speaking, giving business presentations, and connecting with an audience.

You receive individual and personal feedback in our courses and seminars to maximize learning effects.


- 5-20 participants

- 2-3 days

The structure of the seminar is flexible according to the needs and demands of participants. If desired, for example, we can add a module on conversational techniques.

Close more & faster

Smart Selling

We have designed this gem of a course especially for salespeople, and everybody who is interested and involved in selling. We teach everything from cold calling to getting referrals. This seminar, as all of our services, is going to be tailored exactly to the needs of your company.

You will learn
- how to lead with questions,
- how to prospect and find clients,
- to understand your clients and thereby how to close faster,
- how to improve your sales presentation,
- how to handle objections
- how to improve your time management
- how to develop the mindset required to succeed.

Imagine you knew every step along the way in the sales process. You knew exactly what was the objective in each phase, what strategies and what tools you could use in each phase to create the highest probability of success. That is the goal of this seminar.

As a result of this course, you will have a detailed manual of how you want to go about selling so you receive the greatest returns.


- 3-15 participants
- approx. 2 days

- Highly valuable is the included opportunity to fine-tune your sales strategy about two weeks after the seminar. Here participants can ask questions and discuss problems to further adjust their new skills.

Leading conversations

Negotiating Results

Think outside the box and master techniques and strategies on how to effectively seal the deal. Learn conversational skills as well as how to argue and agree on the terms you prefer.

In this seminar you learn
- how to lead productive meetings,
- how to draw on the best skills and resources from your team,
- how to negotiate with difficult opponents and parties,
- how to manage conversations, the different levels of communication and close effectively,
- conflict-solving abilities as well as techniques of persuasion and arguing.

The goal is to learn and apply how to master the art of conversations and negotiations.

In this fun and practical seminar, you learn about motivating and inspiring your team through conversations. You also become a competent negotiator.


- 7-20 participants
- 2-3 days

- According to the participants' skill requirements, the focus can shift so they receive the greatest possible value and benefit from the experience.

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