"Trust comes from a combination of connecting and competence!"

Marc Breetzke, M.A., M.A.,

founder of MB Inspirations has several years of experience with training entrepreneurs, managers and executives from various industries.

He grew up in Germany, lived in Rome where he learned Italian, and then studied Strategic Communication and Linguistics at a top university in Germany.

Then, Marc moved to the USA for a year to teach, study, and write at Washington University in St. Louis where he received a second Master's degree.

Among others, he attended courses in Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Cognitive Science.

Now, based in Germany, he teaches, trains, and coaches managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and students worldwide in communication skills, leadership development and personal development. ("Depending on my client's needs, pretty much everything from Aristotle to Zig Ziglar.") All trainings, seminars, coaching programs, and workshops are available in German and English.


His clients say his intelligence, broad and specific knowledge, compassion, humor, laser-sharp clarity, and practical experience make him a top ally for you and your team.

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