The single most important skill to sales and success

In seminars and trainings, I often get asked what is the single most important skill to become successful? My answer has changed a little bit over the years. In the recent weeks it has come up more often and that’s also why I want to talk about this issue in this blog article.


My first approach was to set goals and to start dreaming. Think about what you really want. I still think it is a vital part to success, to become a strategic force that is on their way to success. However, as I coached people, I often found that they do have dreams and wants – but that this is not the part they struggle with.


Yes, there are a couple of cases in which people have a hard time coming up with what they want. But if I, as a coach, keep being persistent I can usually draw it out of them. That lead me to the realization that goals are important – but not the most important ingredient to why people don’t live the lives they truly want to live.


The second part to the realization of great potential is where most people need the assistance: Their belief system. To underline this idea, let me give you an example.


I speak to a lot of companies regarding our solutions and expertise. With some, we discuss partnerships and alliances. Some of them are led by a younger generation.  What we found there is that they don’t lack ideas, but they lack skills of execution. They struggle with turning those thoughts into action and into results.


As we analyze the reasons, we find one single pattern among all people who struggle either to start, to perform, or to finish any project. Lack of self-esteem. And at the bottom of it is some assumption of lack. And the reason I call it assumption is because if we analyze it further, in each individual case, there is no evidence of it.


Self-esteem or the lack of it roots in the individual belief system. Therefore, the major skill that makes the difference between success or failure is the ability to change your beliefs.


While this article would become too long if I get into the details here, I want to encourage you to think about your beliefs. What are your associations with money, success, and power? If you think about your clients, what do you think about them? Do you view them in a positive light or do you feel negative emotions?


In Star Wars, there is a great quote by Obi Wan Kenobi: “Search your feelings!” You want to go through your emotions and ask yourself, what do they tell you? And don’t mistake the nature of your feelings a fair representation of reality. Your feelings only represent fairly what is the quality of your thoughts of reality. In other words, there is a filter in between what you observe and what you think about – or how you evaluate – that observation.


Is your belief system enabling you or limiting you? And if you feel that it is limiting you, what would you rather believe? That is the process of changing the belief system. More on that in the future.


Have fun with that process and let us know what enabling and what limiting beliefs you have realized.


Author: Marc Breetzke, M.A., M.A.



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