The one power you possess but don’t utilize

 Are there times you feel scrambled, clattered, without orientation like an aimless piece of driftwood? Do you feel like you are only reacting to outside forces, but you are not in charge? Trust me, you are not alone in this.

 The prime principle to understand in order for you to improve your perspective and therefore the results of your life, is the following: 


In any circumstance, you have the power of choice. 


You are a free being. You have what is called free will. There is a big misunderstanding on what this freedom means. People associate it with doing much more than with being. But as the German writer Goethe said: “Before you can do something, you must be something.” In other words, people argue for their limitations as they are adamant about the fact they can in fact not do as they wish. Therefore, how can they be free if they can’t do what they want? 


Especially if you are an entrepreneur or business owner, after a while you get caught up in the daily trivia of business. Everybody who has routines of going about their days, and who doesn’t significantly change, will grow weary. They are at risk of losing their passion. 


The choice may not lie in action at first. But the choice always lies in your thought. You can choose what you think about today. You can choose what you think about any problem. 


Here are some pointers to improve your direction of thought in the course of problem-solving. On some of these points we will go deeper in future articles, for now they just stand as pointers: 


  •  Every problem is a solution to a problem of a higher order.
  •  There lies an improvement in any solution that makes you better off than before you had the problem.
  • Everything has the aspect of what is wanted and the aspect of what is unwanted within it.
  • Every problem represents the opportunity to grow.
  •  What is important now?
  •  What is the good news?
  • What do you really want?


As you go over this list, you can see that these thoughts and questions lead you into a better-feeling direction. This is exactly for what they are intended. Why? Because you can’t produce or perform to the degree of excellence if your attitude is not on the same level. 


For the next few days, I encourage you to become aware of your power of choice. Ask yourself the question: “How do I want to think about this?” We often get so used to wonder how others might feel about something. We check the comment section in YouTube before we dare to think for ourselves and decide to like the content. You want to become more self-reliant and independent from the opinion of others. 


Therefore, practice the power of choice. If anything happens – good or bad – decide actively and deliberately: what perspective do you choose? 


What happens next? Wayne Dyer said, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” During this week, I urge you to test it. You will grow and your business will grow.


Author: Marc Breetzke, M. A., M. A.


MB Inspirations is your trusted advisor to increase business performance especially in sales and human resources. We consult, train and coach companies and individuals strategically, systematically, and sustainably in order to continuously and never-endingly improve productivity. 

Marc Breetzke, M.A., M.A. is the founder of MB Inspirations and he works with businesses and organizations worldwide as a leading-edge business strategist, consultant and lecturer. 

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